This is a celebration of our relationship with one another, but also a celebration of the support and friendship all our guests have given us already.  So, we want to emphasize that your presence at the Partnership Celebration is your gift to us.

However, we know that some of you are interested in giving us something additional, as a remembrance of your participation.  We really appreciate that; thank you!

Since this isn't a wedding of two impoverished youngsters, but the celebration of a relationship that's already been 10 years in the making, we decided to handle gifting a little differently.  We already have a full household of dishes, sheets, and kitchen appliances.  So, we thought it would be nice to put a less purchasable category of item on our registry.

What we care most about, and what we're asking for, are your stories, your favorite recipes, art you've made, music you love, or anything that holds a little bit of your love and life within it*.

So, with all that in mind, here's the alternative gift registry.  If you have an idea for a gift in this spirit that we didn't specifically mention, we say "Go for it!"  All the better and more delightful.

Lastly, we realize that this style of gift might take a little longer to discover or make than the more traditional options, so we encourage you all not to worry if you can't bring your contribution to the Celebration.

* Excluding Horcruxes, please.

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